Rocket Iskander


The Iskander PTRC of the Armenian Armed Forces has not been able to hit a single target

The effect of the purchase by Armenia of Russian Iskander OTRK turned out to be zero.

Despite the fact that Yerevan made a key stake on the acquisition of the Russian Iskander OTRK, it became known that these complexes have not yet been able to hit any targets in the territory of Karabakh or Azerbaijan, although Armenian sources several times reported strikes these tactical missile systems.

Despite the absence of official statements from Yerevan on the use of Russian Iskander OTRK, several sources this month reported on the launch of tactical missiles at targets on the territory of NKR and Azerbaijan. There is no information about the targets hit by the Iskander at this time, which may well indicate that the missiles launched could not reach their targets. On the other hand, the complexes could well have not been deployed, which, by the way, raises even more questions, since their use would allow suppressing the enemy even on the territory of the NKR.

“One can understand why Yerevan does not use Su-30SM fighters, however, the fact that Iskander OTRK demonstrated zero effect is very alarming. Have there been any blows? If not, why not? "- Asks a specialist.

On the other hand, the armament of the same Azerbaijan has S-300 complexes, and the latter's capabilities are enough to repel the Iskander strike, which does not exclude the fact that the tactical missiles launched were simply shot down.

I am against the use of tactical missiles in this conflict. But if we approach the issue from a purely technical point of view, there is an assumption that the Iskanders delivered to Armenia in 2016 have a maximum range of up to 300 km (Usual export practice). But "Elbrus" could well ...

These are not Iskanders, but an old 1962 Elbrus. There, purely technical accuracy cannot be achieved, although the destructive power is impressive.

Laughing, does Karabakh really have an army, there are Armenian armed forces.

Armenia has not yet used Iskander and never officially reported on their use. So when she uses this weapon, the non-people from Absheron will regret it and there will be a big nix

Karabakh does not have Iskander. Armenia can use Iskanders only when Azerbaijan violates Armenia's borders