Attack on Syria


The detachment of British special forces was completely defeated in Syria

Igilovtsami defeated the entire squad of British special forces in Syria.

It has already been reported in the media that British special forces participating in operations against IG (banned in the Russian Federation) are part of a coalition in Syria. And here is a new message from Al-Vatan, according to which British special forces soldiers were killed on the territory of the SAR.

In the publication of the named portal it is told that the British came under the shelling of terrorists. Militants on the positions of special forces launched a rocket. Then came the shelling of automatic weapons, and grenade launchers were used. The result - five British special forces killed, and several people were injured (their number is not specified). All this happened in Ash-Shaaf (Deir-ez-Zor province - approx. Ed.).

It may be recalled that relatively recently, in the course of reporting on Sky News, it was reported that several British soldiers in Syria were injured. Then it was confirmed by the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom. Currently, the injured British military are undergoing treatment at a hospital located in Haseke province (Hasaka).

If we analyze the losses of the British, we can come to the conclusion that the entire British special forces detachment was crushed by the Igilovites.

US President Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of the US military from Syria, while he stressed that the allies of the Americans should deal with the operation, the purpose of which is to destroy the rest of the "ISIL" (banned in the Russian Federation - ed.).

The northern part of Syria is already abandoned by the US military, and only part of the contingent remains in the southern part of the country.

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