The retreating Ukrainian military filmed the moment of impact on the HMMWV armored car

The Ukrainian military, having heard the approach of Russian tanks, tried to retreat quickly, but they were directly under attack.

Video footage taken by one of the Ukrainian soldiers shows the moment of the rapid advance of Russian tanks in the direction of the positions of the Ukrainian troops. As soon as a detachment of Ukrainian soldiers heard the approach of heavy combat vehicles, they immediately tried to retreat, however, having already plunged into an HMMWV armored car, the Ukrainian soldiers came under a direct blow from a Russian tank. Only the fact that the driver took the armored car away from the place of impact literally a moment before the impact, however, even this was enough for the vehicle to receive critical damage and be completely disabled from the destruction of the APU detachment was saved.

It is estimated that a projectile fired by a Russian tank hit exactly where the Ukrainian armored car was, until the moment when its driver tried to urgently move away. In fact, the Ukrainian military was quite lucky, as a good hit would have been fatal for an armored vehicle, which was critically damaged even when the projectile hit only a few meters away from the vehicle.

It is known that at least one Ukrainian serviceman suffered a shrapnel wound, while another was shell-shocked.


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