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All will answer! Russia decided to deploy short and medium-range missiles near NATO borders

Due to the US withdrawal from the INF Treaty, Russia decided to deploy medium- and shorter-range missiles near NATO borders.

Russia prepared a tough response for NATO because of the US withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Missile Treaty, announcing the deployment of its missiles and missile systems at the borders of the North Atlantic Alliance, if Europe suddenly decides to help Washington contain Russia with similar weapons. The decision on this has already been made and approved, and for the military alliance this poses very big problems.

“Russia is ready to place medium- and shorter-range missiles near the borders of the EU if the United States places similar missiles in Europe, said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko. “We have already stated that if there are no American intermediate and shorter range missiles in Europe, we won’t put them either. As soon as the missiles appear, we will deploy them,” he said in an interview with Interfax. According to the deputy minister, "those countries that are literally fighting for any kind of American military presence, for the status of front-line states - I mean Poland and the Baltic states - must understand all the costs of such a choice from the point of view of their own security and its allies "", - informs the publication "Inte6rfax, with reference to the Russian Foreign Ministry.

It is noteworthy that in connection with the redeployment of the US military from Germany to Poland, American medium and shorter range missiles may also appear on the territory of this country, however, the retaliatory actions of Russia will not be limited only to Poland and the USA, but will be forced to answer for it the entire Alliance.