Cost of Su-30SM fighters for the Armenian Air Force announced

The media reported on the cost of Su-30SM fighters for the needs of the Armenian Air Force.

The purchase of Su-30SM fighters cost the Armenian budget a very round sum, however, these combat aircraft, belonging to the class of heavy fighters, have never even been raised into the sky, not to mention striking the positions of the Azerbaijani army. According to Russian and foreign media, a total of $ 30 million was allocated from the Armenian budget for the purchase of Russian Su-120SMs, which indicates that these combat aircraft cost Yerevan much cheaper than Minsk ($ 50 million apiece), but fighters completely failed their destiny.

“First, it is argued that it was a mistake to acquire the Su-30SM, for the purchase of which $ 120 million was allocated. Secondly, instead of spending colossal funds on the Su-30SM, it was necessary to purchase an arsenal of drones of various functions for $ 100 million, preferably of Chinese production "- сообщает Military Review.

Despite the end of hostilities on the territory of Karabakh, the Ministry of Defense of Armenia did not make official statements about why heavy Russian fighters were not used in the battle, although the latter could significantly complicate the offensive of Azerbaijani forces - according to the Armenian opposition, this is due to the banal surrender of the territory Artsakh, since the final decision was made by Pashinyan.