Ukrainian tank


The amount that Ukraine will spend on defense was announced

The totality of Ukraine's costs for the next year has become public

Ukraine is actively purchasing and modernizing weapons. At the moment, it became clear how much of the funds were acquired for the next year. This became known from the promulgated declaration created by the Ukrainian government.

As emphasized by the "Ukrainian military portal", the declaration notes that the cost of acquiring weapons and military equipment has reached 11,1 billion hryvnia (about 30 billion rubles). This amount was taken from the state budget of Ukraine. In the previous year, the cost of purchasing weapons was much lower and in total amounted to 6,8 billion hryvnia (about 17-19 billion rubles - editor's note).

The funds will be allocated for the development and modernization of the Air Force, Navy and Ground Forces.

During one of the festive events, Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy noted that injections into the country's defense budget had reached their peak in the entire history of modern Ukraine.

Thus, the Ukrainian authorities are going to spend about UAH 240,9 billion on defense spending, which is quite a lot by Ukrainian standards, however, given the current situation, this amount is clearly not enough.

Poor Ukrainian people, again forced to sit on starvation rations.

For "Pan" Ze, it would be better to have this money for social services. to direct the protection of Ukrainian citizens or to restore the Ukrainian economy! This is not much, but still better than the further collapse of Ukraine.



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