Fire on aircraft carrier


The first losses of the USA in the war with Iran were announced

Named the first casualties of the United States in the war with Iran.

Analysts have found that if the United States and Iran do get involved in a military conflict, the losses of the United States of America can be very impressive. According to experts, only in the first hours after the start of the American special operation, the losses of the American military personnel can amount to hundreds.

The US military airbases located in the Middle East are within the radius of destruction of the weapons in service with Iran. If the first large-scale strike by the United States fails, then the response from Tehran will be destructive - most of the US military bases in the Middle East will simply not be.

This opinion was also voiced by military expert Konstantin Sivkov, stressing that Tehran has enough weapons in place to inflict serious losses on the United States.

"Iranian armed forces can launch missile strikes using MRBM and OTR against targets in the operational depth of the enemy forces and destroy four to six airfields with destruction from 10 to 15 percent of aircraft and helicopters based on them for up to two or three days ", - the expert has declared.

It should be clarified that the situation in the Middle East remains rather complicated and tense.

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The "experts" wrote the same nonsense on the eve of the war with Iraq. Iranian rockets are being rolled into a thin pancake by the first wave.

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With NATO, jokes are bad. They may forget that Iran existed.

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This time it is supported by Japan and Britain too. China or the Russian Federation throws treasuries, buys Britain and Japan, all that remains is taken, so that the avalanche does not start. By this, all of the United States and take out the gold.
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It is not necessary to sink the aircraft carrier, it is enough to damage the upper deck (any) and this is a monster without teeth, its aircraft cannot take off weapons or land. repair in the campaign is not possible, it is still an event.

You are deeply mistaken, in the first place an aircraft carrier does not fit the range of availability of any type of projectile, but missiles can get it, but it has escort ships with hundreds of anti-missile missiles of any type for this, it is very difficult to sink such a ship, almost impossible as Iran is not realistic, and for Russia it is a very difficult task

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Any aircraft carrier is a floating cemetery. With a large number of people and planes. Even if at least one projectile gets anywhere. The aircraft carrier will not survive and nothing will save him.

I think that if the US dares to make some kind of military provocation against Iran, the Iranians will break it in full. maybe it should, for a long time, they ask the whole world to make a physical remark about the inadmissibility of their behavior in the world.

American aircraft carriers there will also be "extremely uncomfortable."

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This is in relation to military bases in the Middle East. And why 10-15 percent? And the rest of the aircraft where they will land, if their taxiing destroy? On the sand?
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