Pakistan will receive Russian Mi-35M helicopters

Russia will supply Pakistan with four combat helicopters Mi-35M.

At the moment, a contract to supply four helicopters Mi-35M signed by both parties, and is expected to soon helicopters will be transferred to the Air Force of Pakistan. The amount of the contract concluded officially announced was not, however, according to news Avia.pro, thanks to the goodwill and partnership in many areas, the price per unit was very reasonable, besides, helicopters themselves very well established.

According to reports, later, Mi-35M combat helicopters will be operated by Pakistan to combat terrorist groups currently located on the territory of the country, and due to the powerful arming of these combat aircraft, it is assumed that any threat will be quickly eliminated.

Specialists, in turn, do not exclude that in the future, Pakistan can again order Russian combat helicopters, which will have to replace the already outdated equipment that is in service with the country's Air Force.


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