Pakistan threatens to shoot down Su-35 fighters without warning

In Pakistan, they threatened to shoot down Su-35 fighters without warning.

The Pakistan Air Force Commodore Syed Sajad Haider (orig.) Made a statement that the Pakistan Air Force will freely shoot down Su-35 fighters if the latter try to approach the borders of the country's air space. Considering the fact that today Su-35 is in service only with Russia and China, and China is the most important strategic partner for Pakistan, questions arise about such threats.

“We have the opportunity to attack first. Take Rafale or Su-35, the Pakistan Air Force will retain the ability to attack first. Our pilot will simply knock them down ”- said Pakistan Air Force Commodore Syed Sajjab Hyder.

It is noteworthy that the message was sent primarily to India, which, incidentally, refused to buy Russian Su-35 fighters, however, at the same time, several days ago, French Rafale fighters began to enter the arsenal of this country.

Experts do not exclude that by the ability to attack first, the Pakistan Air Force Commodore implies the presence of more long-range missiles in the arsenal of the country's air force, which will make it possible to attack enemy fighters before the latter reach their own attack distance.

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do not confuse Pakistan with Russia. Pakistan has nothing in world politics, and in the case of Russia it can end badly for both us and for those flying near our borders, because there they are just waiting for an answer to their provocations; do not forget Russia and the USA (NATO) two potential parties to a global conflict, unlike some Pakistan

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