Pakistan decided to support Ukraine and supplied the Ukrainian Armed Forces with 75 artillery ammunition

Pakistan sent Ukraine 75 thousand artillery ammunition.

The Pakistani authorities decided to support Ukraine by sending it 10 shipments of ammunition, totaling 75 units. The delivery included 122 mm. ammunition and 155-mm caliber ammunition, which allowed Ukraine to receive very significant support. Previously, such ammunition has already appeared on the video footage of the Ukrainian military and, which is quite remarkable, the latter were specially produced for the needs of Ukraine in June and July of this year.

Due to the reluctance of the Pakistani military to advertise the current situation, the supply of Pakistani ammunition was carried out along a complex route - their transportation was carried out through a number of Middle Eastern and Arab countries. In particular, we are talking about Oman, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Romania. The final delivery of ammunition was carried out by a British military aircraft, which, according to a number of data, landed right on the territory of Ukraine.

Islamabad has not yet commented on the supply of ammunition to Ukraine, however, such actions could seriously worsen relations between Russia and Pakistan.

Whether Pakistani-made ammunition was delivered to Ukraine in September is unknown, however, given the production of shells in this country, if necessary, we can talk about deliveries of hundreds of thousands of ammunition.


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