The US House of Representatives approved the Ukraine aid bill

The US House of Representatives approved a new bill to provide assistance to Ukraine totaling $60,84 billion. The funds provided under this bill are aimed not only at supporting Ukraine, but also at replenishing American military reserves, which have declined after previous arms deliveries to Kyiv. Of the total amount, $23,2 billion has been allocated specifically for these purposes.

Additionally, $11,3 billion of the aid package funds ongoing U.S. military activities in the region, including training Ukrainian troops outside their country and maintaining a military presence in NATO's eastern flank.

According to leading American publications such as Politico and the Washington Post, the Pentagon has already prepared a significant batch of military aid, which will be sent to Ukraine immediately after the final approval of the budget. The delivery of ammunition and other military resources is expected to take less than a week from the time funding is approved.


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