Fighter F-35


Palestinians attacked an airbase with Israeli F-35s and a nuclear facility at Dimona

Hamas attempted to destroy an Israeli airbase with F-35 fighters and a nuclear facility at Dimona.

A few hours ago, Hamas sent Israel a very clear warning of its readiness to destroy half of the central part of the Jewish state by attacking the Israeli military airbase Nevatim and firing several rockets towards the nuclear research center in Dimona.

Most of the rockets landed in and around Beersheba, while Israel's Nevatim airbase, which houses F-35 fighters, is located only a few kilometers away, and the Dimona nuclear research center is 20 kilometers away.

“Sirens have been activated again in Tel Aviv and Beer Sheva. Hundreds of rockets are being launched in the center and south of Israel right now. ", - informs "IntelSky".

Experts believe that the Hamas movement has shown Israel its readiness to fire hundreds of rockets at a nuclear research center, which will certainly lead to its destruction and can cause very serious damage to Israel.

Over the past day, over 800 missiles have already been fired into Israel, while the Hamas movement claims that it can continue shelling for several more days, however, the Hezbollah organization is ready to support Hamas, and this is about 10 thousand more located in service with the Lebanese missile organization.


warning of readiness to destroy half of the central part of the Jewish state

what they "demonstrated" is the superiority and reliability of the Israeli missile defense system, as well as the fact that they are not in a position to create a real threat even to large cities, let alone military installations. Fucked up to the fullest.

All this is depressing ... But apparently they got used to such a situation, moreover, and cannot already live without it ...



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