Palestinians unleash several hundred rocket attacks on Israel

Israel is attacked by several hundred rockets.

After Israel's outright aggression against peaceful Palestinians, members of radical Islamist groups launched several hundred rockets into Israel. We are talking mainly about rockets that are currently being launched by dozens at Israeli cities, as a result of which Israel's air defense systems are experiencing a real collapse, especially against the background of additional opposition to Israeli air defense systems from Syria, where both Syrian and Iranian electronic warfare systems are deployed ...

The situation escalated very quickly after the Israeli side showed aggression against the Palestinians, which was condemned even by the American leader Joseph Biden, who was clearly dissatisfied with Netanyahu's actions. At the moment, missiles are still being fired on the territory of the Jewish state, for which the Israeli air defense / missile defense systems were completely unprepared, while there is a possibility that the Yemeni Houthis, who have up to two dozen Iranian long-range ballistic missiles capable of delivering precision strikes against southern Israel.

As for the strikes themselves, they have already been successfully delivered on the territory of several Israeli cities, however, most of the missiles never reached their targets due to the rather low effectiveness of this weapon.