Palestinians shot down an Israeli military airship. Video

Palestinians destroyed an Israeli military airship.

A few hours ago, Palestinian forces managed to shoot down an Israeli airship, which was in the air near one of Israel's military installations, with several direct hits. It is known that the Israeli aircraft was hit by several shells, as a result of which the latter began to lose altitude and fell.

In the video footage presented, you can see the moment of the destruction of the Israeli airship, while behind the scenes you can hear the sounds of shots, comparable to shots from an anti-aircraft gun. Despite the lack of official comments, the airship was apparently unmanned and tracked missile launches into Israel.

By the current hour, it is known that since the beginning of the armed conflict, about 1,5 thousand rockets have been fired across Israel since the beginning of the armed conflict, as a result of which there are dozens of injured and killed, while most of the Israeli cities that were under attack suffered a very serious damage already estimated at more than a billion dollars.

At the moment, the confrontation between the two sides of the conflict continues, while practically all the countries of the Middle East support the position of the Palestinians, although they propose to begin to resolve the situation diplomatically, including through the introduction of peacekeepers into the region, despite Israel's objections.