Start of a rocket


Palestinians report ballistic missile attack on Israel

"Islamic Jihad" announced the attack on Israel with an 11-ton ballistic missile.

The radical Islamist movement "Islamic Jihad" announced the use of the latest Iranian ballistic missile "Haj Qassem", which has a radius of destruction of up to one thousand kilometers, and, according to official data, can develop a speed at the moment of striking at 15 speeds of sound, which makes it hypersonic ...

Taking into account the statement of representatives of the "Islamic Jihad", strikes on Israeli territory with the use of this missile will be carried out tonight, however, it is obvious that the launcher is located outside the territory of the Gaza Strip, which does not exclude the possibility that the launch will be carried out either from the territory of the neighboring Syria, or from the territory of neighboring Lebanon.

“Abu Hamza, spokesman for the Al-Quds battalions of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement: Today, a number of modern weapons are involved in Sword Quds, including the Qasim missile. This missile, which is one of the most advanced resistance missiles, is called the "Rocket of the Martyr Hajj Qasem Suleimani"- said in the message.

At the time of publication of the material, there is no official information about the use of ballistic missiles to strike against Israel.

Say that the radius of destruction is 1000 km? Pilgrims, have time to visit the holy places!