Palestinians hit an Israeli F-16 from the Soviet Strela-2M MANPADS

Palestinians attacked Israeli fighter jets.

During Israeli Air Force strikes in the Gaza Strip, Palestinians armed with the Soviet Strela-2M man-portable anti-aircraft missile system attacked an Israeli combat aircraft. The rocket was launched from the territory of one of the civilian buildings. This was the first evidence that the Palestinians are armed with air defense systems to counter the Israeli Air Force.

On the presented video footage, published by members of the terrorist group "Islamic Jihad" (banned in Russia - ed. note), you can see the moment of the attack on the Israeli F-16 fighter. There is no information on the effectiveness of the use of such an air defense system by the current hour. At the same time, experts drew attention to the fact that the Strela-2M man-portable anti-aircraft missile system was purchased on the "black market", as evidenced by the presence of a makeshift power source.

It should be noted that the night before, Israel and the Gaza Strip agreed on a truce, however, already 8 minutes after its onset, Palestinian rockets were again fired at Israeli territory, as a result of which Israel resumed strikes.


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