Deck version of the Su-57 for the aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" may appear within 2 years

The development of a carrier-based version of the Su-57 fighter is in its final stage.

The deck version of the latest Russian fifth-generation fighter, the Su-57, may appear by the time the tests of the repaired heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov are completed. Taking into account the latest statements, this may happen within the next two years.

Taking into account the capabilities of the Russian heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov, up to 12 fifth-generation fighters can be placed on its deck, which will give the Russian fleet an undeniable advantage.

It is not known what exactly the carrier-based version of the Su-57 fighter will represent, however, this version of the Russian fifth-generation combat aircraft will definitely retain most of its capabilities, especially since in the future Russia intends to start building two more aircraft carriers, the development of which will definitely be carried out taking into account experience of using deck-mounted Su-57.

To date, the Su-57 fighter is one of the most promising combat aircraft in service with the Russian Aerospace Forces. One of the key reasons to assert this is the versatility of the platform itself, which, according to analysts, can even surpass the platform of the Su-27 fighter.

Today, China and India are showing great interest in carrier-based versions of Su-57 fighters, which are armed with aircraft carriers, but there are no modern versions of combat aircraft capable of accommodating them, which does not exclude that these two countries will be among the first foreign buyers of Russian fifth-generation fighters.


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