A pair of Russian Tu-142s staged a raid on the British fleet

A group of Russian anti-submarine aircraft launched a raid on the British fleet.

A group of two Russian long-range anti-submarine Tu-142 aircraft staged a surprise raid on a British fleet based off the coast of Great Britain. Russia's actions appear to be in response to the recent incursion of the British destroyer Defender into Russian territorial waters near Crimea.

According to the data available to the publication Avia., Russian long-range anti-submarine aircraft managed to get quite close to the borders of British airspace. For unknown reasons, it was possible to notice the Russian planes only when the latter were already approaching.

In Great Britain itself, they have already managed to report on the successful interception of two Russian long-range anti-submarine aircraft. The kingdom's defense department did not disclose the objective reasons why the Russian anti-submarine aircraft managed not only to approach the territorial waters of Great Britain, but also to actually work out the attack on the ships of the British Navy.

It should be noted that at the moment the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation does not comment on information about the flights of Russian anti-submarine aircraft.

... Maybe, after all, they realize that they are in full view. And there will be no more provocations on their part?

Why only deep-seated ...? Tu-142, as far as I remember and know, carries a suspension and missile, bomb and torpedo in the cargo compartments ...

Which ships of Her Majesty were raided by two anti-submarine men?
To Defender's Sister Spikes, to Queen Elizabeth's aircraft carrier? What attacked, deep bonbs?



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