Victory Parade in Russian cities and regions decided to cancel again

In Russia, the Victory Parade is again being postponed - for about 2,5 months.

Contrary to official statements that the situation with the coronavirus pandemic in Russia has stabilized, and it was announced that the Victory Parade on the 75th anniversary was announced, on June 24, it became known that the authorities of certain regions forbade celebrations, announcing extremely difficult epidemiological situation.

“In the Perm region, Belgorod and Oryol regions decided not to hold the Victory Day parade on June 24th. This is due to the threat of proliferation of Covid-19. The Governor of the Perm Territory Dmitry Makhonin said that festive events in the region will be held when the sanitary-epidemiological situation allows. One of the possible dates for the parade was called September 3. “Without the procession of the Immortal Regiment and the Victory March, a festive parade cannot be imagined. Now we cannot hold such mass events, it is necessary to take care of the health and life of Permians. Therefore, we will celebrate when it will be safe, ”said Dmitry Makhonin, - the TJournal resource reports.

At the moment, it is not known whether the authorities of other regions will come to the same decision, however, experts note that due to the continuing high incidence of COVID-19 in the country, and no less high mortality.

You are 100% right. In this situation, our authorities are trying by any means to look good in the eyes of the world community, to throw dust in their eyes just to legitimize their "Wishlist" by voting

The boy needs to know his story !!!!!!

And you are not a citizen of Russia and the victory does not belong to you? Do not compare the virus with victory. If coronobesia, then the Victory Parade, not victory. Illiterate.

Feast in Time of Plague! Doctors fall from their feet. Everywhere restrictions. And we will hold a parade. Apparently with a distance of 1,5-2 meters and with masks, gloves. Maraz grows stronger.

Victory was obtained in blood and in unlimited quantities.

in Moscow over the last day revealed 1956 new cases, and on the eve of 1992. Where do you get these numbers? He died on the eve of 58 patients.

The parade should only be May 9!
Better to spend next year.
But to bear it is to spit in the soul of veterans and all people.

The parade must be held in the capital and the point.

In my opinion, you are young for years or reason

What are you sick with?

Do you know about Belarus for sure? That no one got sick? Write nonsense

Young man! Learn please. You will find out that the Japanese army fought against the Red Army for 2 days and a little more.
We have our homeland. She must be protected, any. You will not go to defend it, we will have to go, and we will be over seventy. But we will go.

why the hell is it necessary if only the invited heads of state will be on Red Square and then in muzzles. WWII veterans are locked \ 65 + / they are forbidden to leave the house. And exposing the troops participating in the parade with a virus infection is a crime.

Absolutely correct! I totally agree

I believe that at this time, the Victory Parade and other mass events are dangerous for everyone. We have been sitting on self-isolation for almost three months; the future picture according to COVID 19 is not predictable. Why do we need a feast during ..., the main thing in our hearts is to remember and honor all the veterans of that tragedy of the people.

We have a modest regional center, not a city, the memorial is in perfect condition, its area is quite large, with an alley and commemorative plates, there is cleaning every day (!!!) in the morning, I walk past to work. And the snow in the winter is primarily cleared there.

It’s better to cancel the parade altogether. This is a victory. There is nothing to be proud of. The country has an economic and political crisis. Instead of spending on a parade, it’s wiser to patriot help doctors and other citizens.

Liberal-minded citizens, calm down already! Without traveling abroad, you no longer know what to do with yourself, as soon as you write all sorts of nonsense.

On June 24, 1945, the Victory Parade on Red Square was held, a symbolic date.

Natalya, you are right. The parade turned into a beautiful picture. And veterans and home front workers are remembered once a year. And many of them need help, especially the rear workers. Modest obelisks in villages across the country require major repairs. There is no money for this.

The first Victory Parade was held on June 24, 1945! And veterans remember that! On this day, the banners and standards of the defeated Nazi army were thrown to the walls of the mausoleum under the drums!

And where are these “union republics"? :)) Nobody bothers to unite, celebrate together :)) And yet, "a connoisseur of history", remember that after the war and before the collapse of the Union, all the Union republics were supplied with everything according to the full program, and in Russia, except for Moscow, there was no food there was no clothes. So do not whistle here!

Egor, you are very inattentive and you don’t know the story :)) This date was announced by the president, and this is the day of the very first Victory Parade in 1945.

June 24, 1717 is the day of the Masons and hold a parade ??? ...

May 9, we remembered those who defended our country. June 24 is the day of the Masons from 1717 and to hold a parade on this day ??? ...

Anti-people’s decision. There is a struggle for power. Only..,

you have to start with something, so that later you will find an even more significant reason not to hold a victory parade at all ...

This parade is a feast during the plague. Of course, it is better to transfer it, to spend next year on Victory Day. This year veterans were especially honored with love, with attention given to everyone. Everyone felt the holiday, the whole country, although it took place in unusual conditions. And the parade is already superfluous in this situation.

If canceled on May 9, then you need to postpone to next year, no other dates will replace May 9. We have already remembered our front-line soldiers. And then we sit at home, we go in masks, you can’t walk, but you can parade. Rave.

Gentlemen, I don’t understand why June 24th. We talked about September 3. This is a date, I have no doubt, but not June 24th. Come to your senses!

The anniversary year parade is necessary as a memory of generations. It was necessary to carry out 09.05, but now it remains 24.06 - this is a memorable date in 1945. With further postponement, holding the Parade loses its meaning. But it is necessary to carry out in a pandemic without unnecessary pomp, a demonstration of modern military power and marches of the Immortal regiment. It is necessary to carry the Victory Banner and Standards of fronts along Red Square on foot with a limited number of participants in the Parade.

That's right!
Conduct a VICTORY PARADE (to the joy of Poklonnaya!) November 4: 300 YEARS OF THE KING PEAS (so it seems to be called this "holiday").

The victory parade is closely linked to the vote on the Constitution. This is a cunning combination of those who are eager to get popular "approvals." These combinators have nothing sacred!

People are more concerned about whether they will be allowed to rest at sea, and whether the parade will not take place or not.

I agree with you 100%. It would be better if they provided targeted assistance to veterans, maybe they allocated permits to local sanatoriums, maybe they made repairs in the apartment, maybe someone needs to allocate a social worker for care ... But you never know ... I think that this help would cost no more, than a parade.

In Moscow, over the past day, 2595 cases were detected, 69 people died. How can you arrange a festive parade in such a sick city? This madness is just ...

You are already sick! Seriously! Once you believe in a terrible virus, turn off the TV, maybe you will feel better

In our country, in Chuvashia, cemeteries are closed. And I completely agree with you. We have a memory and we will not forget our grandfathers, as well as their stories about the War and Victory.

of course catastrophic! They are now earning a pandemic. Three-ruble mask rose at least 10-15 times. Money for the parade is allocated, it is necessary to master ... And health? They believe that women still give birth to mothercapital ......

And without a parade, you can’t remember your veterans? The parade to memory has no relation for a long time. This show. Alas...

It’s easier to transfer it to the next year and not bother.

A connoisseur of history! Not only Russia won the war, you know that the Union republics also sent people to the front !?

How can I carry it. It was a farce, not Victory Day. We do not have a pandemic. This is a pandemic of stupidity and fear.

Not only your loved ones died. But the fact that now zeroed creates no longer has anything to do with the victory parade. Lukashenko spent precisely May 9th. And this is so after. And veterans, if anything, are unlikely to understand what June 24 is.

You can) take an example from Elizabeth Georgievna (Windsor) from her doctor in April, and notes in June

and there are no other diseases, a parade is needed for the people and not the priests of other countries

A parade was held in Belarus; not one of them got this coronavirus, which means that it is possible that no one is infected either. What kind of people went, gullible ...

Hope this is only hope! Those who will be at the parade will not get this terrible disease. It would be better if they showed a parade on all TV channels without a real crowd, which did not learn to observe the regime of distance and personal safety. Today in Samara, the number of cases again exceeded one hundred.

In all honesty, by decree it is possible.

Go to Bate in the cemetery, clean the grave, lay flowers and tell the children about it. About his exploits and glory! Why do you need a parade. The main memory!

Why is June 24th a Victory and a memory to our fighters? It seems like Victory Day is still May 9! Or do you have some sort of your celebration of victory on June 24?

So sing at home in front of the TV! Remember your relatives, acquaintances who did not return from the War! Do you need a pump?

I completely agree with you!

They did it right. Nothing terrible will happen! And they would save money and preserve people's health!

Stop! The parade can be held in the following years, save people

In 1945, the Victory Parade was June 24th!

Victory Parade can only be May 9th. And at no other time. Stop mocking.

There are warriors in Russia, and young ones. And not billionaires and their children will defend, but themselves and their loved ones. This is the homeland.

But will it become bad for them, especially those working? We, therefore, must catch up with the plans, and they get a salary on a pandemic, and get a premium for the quarter at home sitting, is that normal, right?

I don’t understand, is it really not important for people's health? Well, they won’t hold a parade this year, is that so disastrous?

Who is having problems?

To each pensioner for a ruble? When will you stop thinking like a belly?

It looks like the false information that Western media and women with pouting lips are taking pictures of people walking from the window.

At any cost? Do you feel sorry for the young guys, participants? We’re doing everything so that they don’t get into the army to protect us, but here let there’s nothing to die. The virus, even in mild form, leaves consequences for life. Yes, and the parades have long turned into a military fashion show - a vibrant, terrible, uncultured Asian.

If the Victory Parade is not held on June 24, then it is not necessary to schedule it for any other time, because it is Victory and memory of our fallen soldiers, and we don’t need to arrange any show from this serious event, today, or maybe in September, no gentlemen didn’t succeed, then put it off until the next date. And secondly, you don’t have to joke with the coronovirus either, yes, tired, yes, overstrained, but this is a mass event and how it will go, so the best solution is to postpone it until the next date to risk.

absolutely agree with the author

maybe you don’t need a parade, but to me personally, as the son of a front-line soldier who died amid wounds at the age of 60, and his brother died in July 1942, the parade as a memory of them, Real front-line soldiers \ not modern participants \ all died in the period From 1970 to 1999, units of centenarians remained. As for the money, I don't care.

The parade will not be in all cities, but it will be. Voting on amendments has nothing to do with it. Remember in other years, parades were held without any votes.
Voting is primarily afraid of dual citizenship policies. They will fly past the feeders.

If you were born on May 9, is it possible to celebrate the day
birth June 24 or September 3, or any day

... what spoon ??? what dinner ???? This is the memory of the great Victory !!!! Millions of people in Russia, remember their relatives on birthdays and scary dates .... Every day .... what kind of lunch ????? This Victory Day, after me, will not be forgotten by my children, my grandchildren and great-grandchildren! Immortal regiment !!!

Let the Government of the country better help the children of its State in treatment using TMV, and not ask the poor for funds via SMS.

Victory Day! Parade is necessary !!!
This is Victory Day! It smelled of gunpowder, This is a holiday With gray hair at the temples. This joy With tears in his eyes. Victory Day! Victory Day! Victory Day!
Hello mom, we haven’t all returned .....
We’d run barefoot across the dew. Half of Europe, we walked half the Earth. This day we brought as close as possible. Victory Day.

What veterans do you believe that they still remain?

Who needs it, this parade. Another "tick" that they spent. It didn’t work, so it is not necessary. He is superfluous. People will not appreciate it. May 9th has already been celebrated.

... not Putin needs, but US, Russians !!!!

Have you thought what you said? No one is against the parade! But for the sake of the lives of thousands of people, you can not hold a parade! Is the parade more important to you than life, and only for the sake of PR power

Victory Parade should be on Victory Day, and not when allowed. I won’t go to such a parade, let them celebrate.

Then the parade must be held on June 22, the day the Great Patriotic War began. Let the "friends" look and think, is it worth repeating?

And why protect billionaires and their children, especially since they study abroad?

Totally agree with you. This money can save many children from death

Here it is, our government again spat in the face of the inhabitants of the country
It is a shame to look into the eyes of veterans. So they would say once again there is no money, but you hold on.

What kind of noodles ...? And in U-Tube what? Not a parade in Belarus?

The parade should be this year! Because the next will be no longer an anniversary. Then you can cancel.

Absolutely right! You are right!

It is necessary to carry out. So that the restrictions have already been removed.

Nobody needs the parade. It definitely needs to be canceled, and the money should be given to our veterans

This year is best and will be generally canceled. Because it is very unstable with the incidence. Look at how much more.. Is getting sick and canceling this year does not mean forgetting ... what a parade with fear inside and with thoughts, what if .... for next year. If everything is normal, it will be a joy and an immortal regiment during .. 9. May ... this is hearty and sincere ...

We must look at the epid. situation .. No sane person needs the risks associated with a pandemic .. It will not work to stop the virus on command ..

Or maybe it’s not necessary, to carry it out already? Give the money allocated for the parade to the children whom we collect by SMS, for treatment and surgery ...

So EMU does not need a Parade, but a vote to reset. But voting cannot be without a Parade. And so EMU do not give a damn about different dates there and all that.

Belarus celebrated the holiday as it should on May 9 and nothing happened. It’s much easier to mark the holiday all the time, having already combined it with the Navy’s Day or not spending money on the parade at all.

I think its street CANCEL !!! May 9 has passed. Enough already. Better of this money for the celebration for PENSIONERS throw money !!!

I doubt that the parade will support the spirit of the Russians or defeat the crown

Yes, in principle, it is not worth it. The spoon is the road to dinner, the Victory Day has already passed, and now it’s not interesting anymore and the mood is not what it is to spend.

No Victory Parade needed in any city. The pandemic has not passed. Do not need anything. Neither a parade nor a vote. It seems that the president and the government have nothing more to do.

Could it be limited to parades in cities heroes ???

The Japs have a lot of kamikaze. Especially the military brought up in the spirit of samurai.
Are there such warriors in Russia today? This is a question.
And the youth of Russia has long said: We will not protect billionaires and their children who study abroad.