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The Bulgarian Parliament voted to transfer 100 BTR-60 armored personnel carriers to Kyiv

The Bulgarian parliament voted against the veto of the country's President Rumen Radev on the transfer of 100 armored personnel carriers to Ukraine, which means the removal of legal obstacles to the start of supplies of military equipment. Bulgarian media reported this, citing parliamentary data.

The decision by the Bulgarian Parliament came after President Radev vetoed an agreement on the transfer of armored vehicles that were on the balance sheet of the Bulgarian Ministry of Internal Affairs. Radev expressed concern that parliament members were not fully aware of the details of the deal and could not correctly assess its consequences.

The President of Bulgaria also pointed out the importance of armored personnel carriers for resolving the national security issues of Bulgaria itself. In his opinion, this equipment could be used to protect the state border and provide assistance in emergency situations, especially in hard-to-reach areas of the country. Radev also emphasized that the deal was free of charge, and Sofia lost her armored personnel carriers without receiving anything in return.

However, voting in parliament shows that the majority of deputies supported the transfer of armored personnel carriers to Ukraine, reflecting Bulgaria's desire to support Kyiv in the current conflict.


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