Pashinyan bought Russian Su-30SM without missiles - the most useless purchase for the Armenian Air Force

The circumstances of the uselessness of the Su-30SM fighters of the Armenian Air Force are revealed.

Despite the statements of the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan that Su-30SM fighters were actively used in Karabakh, it turned out that in reality, these combat aircraft not only did not take to the air, but could not even be used in battles - for them it is commonplace missiles were not purchased.

According to the former head of the General Staff of the Armenian Armed Forces Movses Hakobyan, he personally refused to buy Russian combat aircraft as ineffective, realizing that Russia would not supply missiles for the latter on the basis of the existing ban on missile deliveries to other countries, however, the Prime Minister Armenia's Nikol Pashinyan personally intervened in this and demanded to buy exactly the Russian Su-30SM - the latter remained unarmed.

“Su-30SM fighters are in Armenia without missiles intended for them. I warned the management about this. There is a special decree of the Russian government that prohibits the sale of missiles for the Su-30SM to other countries. I was offered to purchase these fighters when I was the head of the General Staff, but I refused and reported to the country's leadership why we do not need them. ", - said Movses Hakobyan.

The Prime Minister of Armenia himself has not yet commented on these data, however, if they were possessed by Turkey and Azerbaijan, it is possible that Baku and Ankara could have won the conflict much faster, simply by accusing Armenia of the attack, after which Russia would not have been able fulfill their obligations to Yerevan even despite the CSTO agreement.

“You have to be completely illiterate to buy combat aircraft and leave them unarmed. Judging by the latest data, there is a feeling that Pashinyan was completely unaware of not only the ended conflict, but all the years of his tenure as Prime Minister of Armenia ", - the analyst notes.

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The CST agreement does not contain a statement about the impossibility of protecting a CSTO member in the event of the threat of losing its territory or receiving insurmountable damage.
But tell me about "an airplane without missiles, bought by a" completely illiterate "official is a diversion from the fact that the situation with the mobilization plan and equipment is catastrophic in Armenia and there is a lack of specialists and middle-ranking commanders. The defense system was NOT ECHELONED on the contact line and broke through its Azerbaijani military, under the correction of the Turkish military, entered the operational space and began to encircle the military of Karabakh.
The Su-30 would not help. Now they are probably just looking for reasons that can be attributed to the loss of personnel.

The article is complete nonsense. All countries buying Ross fighters are supplied with missiles. Ars no longer know how to make excuses for a humble loss.

Rockets on credit)

This is all incorrect translation. He only talked about long-range missiles. Although I have questions for this phrase.

They can be placed on pedestals in the squares.