Pashinyan accused Russia of non-fulfillment of the arms supply agreement

The Prime Minister of Armenia accused Russia of violating obligations on the supply of weapons to Armenia.

Nikol Pashinyan stated that Armenia paid for the supply of weapons, however, Russia did not fulfill the terms of the agreement, as a result of which the Armenian army was left without the expected weapons. Armenia's accusations against Russia are very serious and, judging by the recent rhetoric of the ruling party of Armenia, Yerevan intends to move towards much closer cooperation with the West and the United States.

“Yesterday, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces went on another provocation by opening fire on the servicemen of the RA Armed Forces, carrying out engineering work on the sovereign territory of Armenia. Our position is unambiguous and unchanged - the Azerbaijani Armed Forces must leave the territory of Armenia. We have begun the reform of the Armed Forces and Azerbaijan is trying to prevent us with such provocations. Unfortunately, they have some success in terms of our allies, and where possible, they are trying to prevent the supply of weapons to Armenia. We have a case when we have paid hundreds of millions of dollars, but the obligations for the supply of weapons to Armenia are not fulfilled by the ally. This is a painful reality, but we must fix and understand the following, all this is being done in order to force us to give up sovereignty, territorial integrity, and make concessions.”, - said Nikol Pashinyan.

The Prime Minister of Armenia did not specify any details, however, Yerevan continues to actively criticize Russia, which is probably due to Armenia's intentions to achieve closer rapprochement with Western countries.

The Russian side has not yet commented on the accusations against it, however, Yerevan's actions are defiant, which can seriously damage relations between the two countries.


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