Pashinyan refused to sign the draft declaration of the CSTO Collective Security Council

The Prime Minister of Armenia refused to sign the draft declaration of the CSTO Collective Security Council.

Nikol Pashinyan actually sabotaged the signing of the draft declaration of the CSTO Collective Security Council and the project on joint measures to provide assistance to Armenia. The reason for the disagreement was that, according to Pashinyan, the CSTO member countries were unable to give an adequate political assessment of Azerbaijan's actions against Armenia. In particular, we are talking about the rather close relationship between Moscow and Baku, as well as the unsatisfactory actions of other member countries in relation to Armenia. According to Pashinyan, the relevant document should be finalized.

“A political assessment is necessary, first of all, from a moral point of view, since this should be a logical manifestation of allied relations. Of course, this is also important from the point of view of restoring the territorial integrity of our country, but this desire in itself does not mean military intervention. The lack of a clear political assessment of the situation and the failure to make the above decision may mean not only the CSTO's refusal of allied obligations, but may also be interpreted by Azerbaijan as a green light from the CSTO for further aggression against Armenia. The draft "Declaration of the CSC CSTO and on joint measures to provide assistance to the Republic of Armenia" submitted for signing is not sufficiently finalized and in this form, with all due respect, I am not ready to sign these documents"- said the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan.

Such criticism is a rather serious blow to the reputation of the CSTO. At the same time, analysts believe that if the CSTO countries do not come to an agreement with Armenia in the near future, then Yerevan is almost guaranteed to leave the organization and begin to deepen relations with the West, which is extremely unacceptable.

“Armenia's withdrawal from the CSTO is a serious blow to the organization. This not only weakens the CSTO, but also demonstrates the organization's vulnerability to external and internal threats. Among other things, this will almost certainly deprive Russia of access to a military base located in Armenia, located near the borders of Turkey, which is a NATO member country., - notes the analyst


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