Pashinyan complained to Putin about the uselessness of air defense against Turkish drones

The Prime Minister of Armenia complained to the Russian President about the uselessness of air defense against Turkish drones.

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, in a dialogue with Russian President Vladimir Putin, unexpectedly raised the issue of the extremely low effectiveness of air defense systems in the fight against drones. According to Pashinyan, Yerevan intends to integrate its air defense systems with Russian air defense systems, which should ensure effective tracking of any air targets, including Turkish drones.

"Pashinyan told Putin that he intends to discuss with him a number of aspects of the work of the joint air defense system in the region," the source said.

At the same time, it should be noted that during the armed conflict in Karabakh, Armenia made a key stake on the use of Russian S-300 and Tor air defense systems, as well as electronic warfare systems. Nevertheless, all the Tor complexes, with the exception of one air defense system, were destroyed in the early days of the armed conflict, and the Israeli drones in service with the Azerbaijani army destroyed the positional area of ​​the S-300 complexes with two precise strikes.

Experts note that Russia can indeed integrate its air defense systems with the air defense systems of Armenia, however, this will be done only in the event of an escalation of tension on the part of Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Quote: "... Armenia has made a key stake on the use of ..."
But what we saw in the video, there is a strange "rate" when the TOR air defense system in the export version on wheels was destroyed in the hangar, and not on alert, and other air defense systems in a similar way ...
Maybe it is better to take Karabakh under the tutelage and fully train them l / s, as it is necessary according to the performance characteristics and the charter, and complete them? And also to establish relations with Azerbaijan and the implementation of programs for railway communication Nakhichevan-Karabakh-Azerbaijan-Iran-Russia?

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