Pashinyan spoke about the crushing victory over Azerbaijan in Karabakh

Pashinyan spoke about Armenia's crushing victory over Azerbaijan.

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated that the Armenian army suffered an actual defeat at only one defensive line, and therefore, questions regarding military superiority in this conflict should not arise. According to analysts, following Pashinyan's iron logic, it turns out that Armenia emerged victorious in this conflict.

“Following the iron logic of Pashinyan’s speech, the Armenian army won a victory on 8 defensive lines and lost only one. 8-1 in our favor, we won, I stay "- сообщает "Telegram" -channel "Armenian Vendetta"

To date, the Prime Minister of Armenia refuses to admit that because of his actions, the conflict in Karabakh was lost by Yerevan, and does not want to resign on its own, even despite calls for this from the President of Armenia, which caused a massive wave of protests throughout the country. that Pashinyan tries to completely ignore.

Earlier, representatives of the Armenian Ministry of Defense accused Pashinyan of not providing the necessary defense capability of the country by purchasing Russian Su-30SM fighters without missiles, the Osa air defense system at a cost 5-6 times higher than their real value, etc.