Shenzhen Airlines airline


The passenger tried to arrange a self-immolation on board a Chinese airline

Chinese passenger airline "Shenzhen Airlines"I tried to organize on board the aircraft an act of self-immolation.

An emergency situation aboard a passenger airliner en route Taijou - Guangzhou occurred at a time when the plane had already flown most of the route. As it became known to the news agency from official sources, the man tried to make self-immolation with the gasoline and lighter he had, however, the passengers and crew members prevented the act of suicide.

The inadequate passenger was tied up and moved to the back of the cabin before the end of the flight. There were 95 passengers on board, excluding the crew members, while it is noted that two people who tried to stop the man and stop his illegal actions were slightly injured.

At the moment, it becomes clear the circumstances under which the passenger of the Chinese airline tried to arrange self-immolation, while it remains unknown how a man was able to carry petrol and a lighter on board the aircraft, the carriage of which is strictly prohibited.