The passenger is removed from the flight because of the arranged on board debauch.

06 October 2013The aggressive passenger was removed from the flight, which was heading to Sharm el-Sheikh. When the policemen tried to detain him, he was very resistant. This happened 6 October at Sheremetyevo, at 4.20 in the morning. The airline's security inspector said that the passenger began to riot and insult others, and several times hit the inspector on the head. After which he was removed from the voyage. The brawlers are going to start an administrative case.

Such cases are increasingly occurring on Russian aircraft. Drunken passengers begin to dismiss their hands, behave indecently. Because of such cases, they want to ban flights for two years, or they will have to pay a fine of 300 rubles. 

Let's remind that such a case has already passed 5 months earlier ...


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