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United Airlines passenger beaten for refusing to provide a seat to an airline employee

The management of United Airlines again found itself in a curious situation.

According to the news agency, on the eve of a flight from Chicago to Louisville, it turned out that the plane was overcrowded, and therefore four additional employees of the airline could not be accommodated on board. The crew commander asked four passengers to leave the aircraft on their own, however, due to the fact that there were no volunteers, four people on board were randomly selected. However, one of the passengers refused to voluntarily leave his flight, as a result of which the man was literally beaten and forcefully pushed out of the airliner, without providing any reserve aircraft or compensation.

Subsequently, the air carrier still provided the man with money for the imperfect flight, however, the US citizen himself announced that he was ready to file a lawsuit against the management of the air carrier, while he intends to receive compensation in the amount of 50 thousand dollars.


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