Beijing Airport


The passenger of the Beijing airport at a gulp drank a bottle of cognac

The Chinese woman drank a bottle of cognac in a gulp, after she was not allowed to carry the alcoholic beverage on board.

An incidental and very unusual case occurred in Beijing International Airport, And according to the information portal received information, a Chinese citizen bought a bottle of expensive cognac in the US, the price of which, according to some specified data, was 185 dollars, but at the airport in Beijing, an expensive purchase was not allowed on board the aircraft. Attempts by the passenger to prove anything to the leadership of the Beijing airport were unsuccessful, in view of which the woman defiantly uncorked the bottle, and volley devastated her, and after a few more moments lost consciousness, so that the medical workers who arrived on the spot had to take the passenger to the medical station.

It is worth to clarify that the Beijing airport has very strict rules regarding the carrying of alcohol on board, which in turn is reflected in the Chinese woman who drank all the alcohol that she had with her.


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