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An Aeroflot passenger felt bad when flying from Moscow to Irkutsk

Doctors saved the lives passenger of the flight Moscow - Irkutsk.

As can be seen from the information available to the information and news agency, 21 2017 April year of the flight from Moscow to Irkutsk, 65-year old passenger of a sudden became ill, however, were on board the aircraft, doctors were able to provide women with all necessary assistance, thereby, passenger life was out of danger.

It should be clarified that the crew of the passenger liner of Aeroflot Airlines made an emergency landing in the Perm air port, where later a woman diagnosed with tachycardia was hospitalized at one of the local hospitals, and according to the current hour, nothing threatens her life and health.

Yes, a very flattering story from Basil. The man did not finish a little ... or the editors were too lazy to tell the facts .... but the fact is that: excellent doctors provided professional help to a woman, a team: a rheumatologist from Irkutsk, an emergency doctor from Angarsk, an endakrinologist from Irkutsk, an employee of the Ministry of Health , A cardiologist from the Angara sanatorium. After landing in Perm, the woman was not taken to the hospital, but left at the airport because she refused hospitalization, and she was not taken to Irkutsk to take her. The main problem is that there are no direct flights from Irkutsk to Perm, and the woman is frightened by a lot and after surviving it she is supposed to sit between heaven and earth ... and I hope that the woman will be fine and she will safely get to the house, to a loving family.
And many thanks to people who have reacted to the incident, they are good fellows.



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