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Passenger transportation rose by 10%

Prices for air tickets of Russian air carriers increased by 10%.

The published data on the pricing of passenger air transportation refer exclusively to the first ten days of August, while experts attribute this mainly to the depreciation of the Russian ruble, which naturally forces domestic operators to pay large sums for servicing their aircraft at foreign airports. Nevertheless, according to the information agency, the increase in prices for air tickets of Russian airlines has not affected the number of passengers at the moment, however, according to experts, if prices continue to rise, then Russian passengers will prefer to fly foreign airplanes. airlines with more profitable services.

It should be emphasized that a number of specialists remain perplexed as to why the prices for air tickets on domestic routes have increased significantly, in particular, a typical example of this are flights Moscow - Sochi, the cost of air tickets for which increased by an average of 20-22%. It is assumed that the rise in prices will only complicate the situation of domestic air carriers, and in the current crisis, this can lead to quite large problems.


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