Sheremetyevo airport


Passenger traffic at Sheremetyevo Airport, for the first time since 2008, surpassed Domodedovo Airport

Sheremetyevo airport, for the first time in 7 years, overtook in passenger traffic Domodedovo Airport.

According to the first half of this year, the passenger traffic of Sheremetyevo Airport amounted to 14,4 million passengers, while the passenger traffic of Domodedovo Airport did not exceed the level of 13,7 million passengers. The cardinal alignment of forces is related to the opinion of specialists with the crisis situation in the country and in the civil aviation of Russia in particular. Nevertheless, to treat the current situation as something extraordinary is not worth it - the Sheremetyevo airport's entrance to the first place in terms of passenger traffic does not mean at all that something will radically change, besides, it is possible that after the end of 2015, Domodedovo airport will again become a leader.

According to the reported data of the end of last year, the total passenger traffic of Sheremetyevo Airport was more than 31 million passengers, while Domodedovo Airport brought this figure to 33 million passengers, which indicates the obvious superiority of one air hub over another in terms of its activities.


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