Aurora Airline


Passenger airline "Aurora" rose 22%

Airline "Aurora" increased ridership 2016 year by almost a quarter.

According to the official information provided by the resource, according to the results of last year, the air carrier "Aurora" has served thousands of 1 376 224 million passengers, or 22% more than in the year 2015, in this case, on domestic routes could serve 1 61 million 780 thousand people, and on international routes - 314 444 thousand person. Experts point out that last year was very successful for the carrier, in this case, there is an assumption that by the end of this year, the airline will be able to increase its passenger traffic to 1,5 million.

To date, "Aurora" airline fleet consists of airplanes 24, while, at the airline's plans for this year to open a number of new routes.