Ural Airlines


Ural Airlines' passenger traffic grew by 4%

The airline "Ural Airlines" entered the TOP-5 Russian carriers in terms of passenger traffic.

So, according to the information available from the Avia.pro resource, for the past period from January to July of the year 2015, the services of the airline "Ural Airlines" benefited 2 million 943 thousand 56 passengers, which exceeds the figures of the previous reporting period by 4%. The air carrier showed the most effective activity in July - the volume of passenger transportation only for this month increased by 13%, amounting to 683 thousands of 744 transported passengers.

Given the rapid pace of development of the airline "Ural Airlines", experts assume that this year, the volume of passenger traffic will reach a value of 5,4 million people, while last year, this indicator stopped at a mark of 5,1 million people.

Currently, the airline intends to introduce several more route air routes, which will increase the volume of passengers served and bring additional profit.


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