Passenger traffic to the Crimea


Passenger traffic to the Crimea will increase by 4 times

May 29. The Ministry of Transport of Russia has released information according to which airlines carrying out air transportation from regional centers to the territory of the Crimean peninsula are ready to quadruple passenger traffic compared to the summer period last year.

It should be noted that last year Simferopol Airport Served about 1.2 million passengers, then this year it is planned to overcome the mark of 3 million, which probably may cause the need to expand the international airport of Simferopol.

This trend is primarily associated with the fact that the state provides excellent assistance to air carriers in providing various kinds of subsidies, and the average cost of a ticket to the Crimea is about 7.5 thousand, although with the commissioning of the Dobrolet low-cost airline, this figure is probably only lower 7 thousand rubles.


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