Flights Moscow - Simferopol


Passengers of the Moscow-Simferopol flight will be delivered by Boeing 747-400

10 July. The largest Russian passenger airliner will fly from Moscow to Simferopol.

The daily flights will be carried out by the airline "Transaero", Using your own aircraft type Boeing 747-400. The capacity of the aircraft is more than half a thousand people, and as noted, with a high degree of probability from will always be filled by 80-90%. Flights will be made on weekdays daily, and on weekends, twice a day.

On the first flight made by Transaero Airlines when using the Boeing 747-400 aircraft, 515 people were transported. It is also noted that the cost of a ticket for the flight Moscow-Simferopol-Moscow will be from 4 thousand rubles, primarily depending on the time of purchase.