Fire Plane


American Airlines passenger plane caught fire at the airport in Nashville

At the Nashville airport, a passenger airplane caught fire.

The information resource of became aware that the incident occurred the previous day, while it was reported that as a result of the incident, it was possible to do without victims and victims.

The ignition in the tail section of the passenger aircraft was caused by some data, the closure in the electric circuit of the aircraft engine, however this information is not official at the moment and is not commented on either by the airline employees "SkyWest Airlines"Nor employees Nashville airport.

Catastrophic consequences could be avoided mainly because the pilot-in-command noticed the spreading flame in time, and by the time the firefight arrived, all the passengers had been successfully evacuated.

It is noted that as a result of the incident that occurred, the work of Nashville Airport was disrupted for 3 hours, but by now all flights are performed according to the timetable


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