Sheremetyevo airport


Passenger plane could not fly out of Sheremetyevo in time due to fuel leakage

Moscow flights - Minsk could not fly out of Sheremetyevo due to fuel leakage.

According to preliminary data, during the preparation of the aircraft to take off, the Capital Airport staff discovered a fuel leak, which is why it was decided to postpone the departure time. It is noted that experts were able to quickly enough to eliminate the problem of leakage of fuel, however, the official details to this hour have not been disclosed.

According to the news, airliner had to make a departure from Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport in 8 35 hours, minutes, however, due to the transfer of the detected problems performing flight was about 40 minutes - the aircraft has officially left the air hub in 9 16 hours, minutes, actually led to unrest among the passengers.


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