Passengers of Air France can use all kinds of gadgets at any stage of the flight


Passengers of Air France can use all kinds of gadgets at any stage of the flight

14 February 2014.Kak previously reported in the media, the Russian government may allow the passengers of all airlines to use different types of mobile equipment during the flight. It is worth noting that the EASA has banned the use of different types of gadgets on board the aircraft. This applies both to time takeoff and landing. Many airlines forbid the use of mobile devices and laptops, even the flight. The truth in this case is only about the use of the worldwide network of the Internet and mobile phones.

 The company Air France will be the first airline to allow its passengers to enjoy all kinds of gadgets during the flight. This applies to takeoff, flight and landing itself.

Sokolov believes that at the moment many airlines can allow their passengers the benefits of all kinds of computer equipment. But in this case, special attention should be paid to safety. If the use of gadgets does not interfere with the crews of aircraft to perform their direct duties, then it is possible that in Russia there will be a corresponding permit.

At the moment, the Russian government is trying to develop certain types of bills that will be aimed at improving the level of safety during flights. This will take into account the needs of passengers in the use of a variety of types of gadgets. This applies to both mobile communications, and tablets and laptops.

 Thus, modern airlines have the opportunity to allow their passengers to use all types of modern electronic equipment. This applies to both mobile devices and various types of tablets and laptops. According to the statements of the leaders of the leading airlines of the world, it becomes clear that now there is practically no negative impact of operating electronic equipment on the control of aircraft. Accordingly, people will be able to use gadgets at any stage of flight. 



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