Passengers "Red Wings" took "shower" during a flight from Sochi to Moscow

Passengers «Red Wings» came under the "shower" during a flight from Sochi to Moscow.

According to the materials appeared at the disposal of information and news agencies during the flight Sochi - Moscow on domestic airline passengers hit a real "rain." As the passengers of the carrier, the airline did not bring any apology for a spoiled flight, adding that such a phenomenon is a normal character.

It is important to clarify the fact that this phenomenon may indeed occur, but given the magnitude of the case, to call it is usually very difficult, which in turn may be interested in the competent service of the country to carry out an appropriate investigation.

I did not understand what kind of rain we talking about? For passengers splashed with water from the kettle? Splash water from the ventilation system? from the roof? the real rain from the ceiling - the roof was opened? that in the text? where refinement? not overworked metaphors?

which means "rain has fallen?"