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Passengers of Omsk-Moscow flight can not fly on the route for the second day

Due to technical problems, the passenger airliner of the company "Transaero"Can not fly on the route Omsk - Moscow.

According to information received by aviation resource, at the moment all efforts are being made to eliminate the aircraft's malfunction as soon as possible and to fly out along the planned route.

According to the passengers who reported to about the delay in the flight, the plane was supposed to fly to Moscow yesterday morning, however, later, the flight was postponed to the evening time, but, nevertheless, the flight did not take place.

At the moment, from the airport workers OmskIt became known that the Russian air carrier will provide its passengers with a backup aircraft, which will have to arrive in Omsk around noon and transport passengers in the intended direction, however, this information was not officially commented by the airport representatives.


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