Passengers took off powerful turbulence on board

Passengers on a regular flight filmed the most powerful turbulence on board an airplane.

When flying from Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) to Kashmir (India), the IndiGo passenger airliner got into strong turbulence, and the passengers, despite the fact that the plane literally turned into a centrifuge, managed to record what was happening inside on mobile phone cameras.

On the presented video frames you can see how literally everything is shaking on board an airplane - all loose things on board literally fly around the cabin, causing more and more panic attacks among ordinary citizens. Ultimately, the panic reaches its climax and people literally begin to pray, believing that a serious incident cannot be avoided, however, at some point, the turbulence ceases and the situation on board stabilizes.

It should be clarified that as a result of powerful turbulence, none of the citizens on board the aircraft were seriously injured (several passengers received bruises and abrasions - approx.ed.), While, contrary to media reports, the plane also did not receive any damage. Nevertheless, this phenomenon is the most dangerous for a passenger airliner, which is confirmed by the video frames made.