Loukosterov victory


Passengers are outraged by the actions of Pobeda employees

Loukosterov "Victory" penalizes passengers for hand luggage.

As the online edition of "Pravda PFO" notes, at the airport Cheboksary the domestic air carrier arranged for its customers the real hunt, forcing them to undergo a humiliating procedure of measuring the dimensions of hand luggage and writing out fines for it. In fact, a low-budget air carrier operates in accordance with the rules, because according to the established norms, personal things belong to hand luggage, the dimensions of which do not exceed 75 centimeters (dimensions are taken into account in three dimensions); however, the measurement of hand luggage is made without the permission of the passengers themselves, which is Illegal.

Given this fact, the domestic low-cost airlines could be back in the center of the scandal.

Artem, victory is not only a problem with the luggage, and the lack of service as such !!!

Naturally, the Russians can not get used to European technology. They can not read the rules, and then scandals. It is necessary also to have been 1000 rubles and even luggage and carry-on baggage.
I do not like? Fly Aeroflot.
From myself I will say that the victory - cool and stylish company: 6 flights were both domestic and international. Everything is super.

In general, the company needs to be renamed ... They have spoiled a good word. The requirements are simply mocking! A briefcase is allowed, a diplomat is not allowed. We fly together, two bags, one eight kg. in the other 12, they were forced to equalize. Requirements have nothing to do with the economy of the flight. There is a desire to make money on fines. The approach is Jewish. What does "Victory" have to do with it?

Once I flew from Nizhnevartovsk on a plane of this company. For now, I will try not to mess with them. This is not a passenger company - "handbag carriers". This opinion of them was formed due to problems with luggage and hand luggage.

That's what kind of people these Americans, immediately announced a boycott aviakampanii for one shot the passenger, so that she began to lose profits. And we are just a little rogue povozmuschalis to win. Not surprisingly, that after all that happened in the relations with Turkey, there is going to rest as much frostbitten on his head.

Totally agree! She repeatedly fly Cheboksary Moscow Victory
flight hour actually cheaper than a train ticket coupe, which goes 13 hours.
At the airport, Cheboksary in my eyes was measured only the big bag, I know the rules of victory. I take with them as hand luggage small klachi to me never had no complaints. As a result, 1590 and rub through 1 15 minutes I hour at Vnukovo or Cheboksary

Fans of a freebie and a Christmas tree to climb, and the fifth point is not to scratch

Remove the name and the first syllable of the name of the true will
this misunderstanding!

Minibuses with wings as were and there

Are you on the go in shorts fly to you was an orphan cheaper !!))))

Gentlemen, look at the price tags, price tags victory had long been oppression, Russia is cheaper to fly And her mongrel airports have all got.

People, and what is wrong? There are also rules to the baggage claim. The major airlines is the normal practice.

2015 summer, the airport of Adler during a flight delay because of weather conditions on 4 hours, so as not to provide the power to drive all the passengers on board for a few minutes until smooth countdown, and the plane took off later than 4 hours. But although water through 2 hours provided. And the airport was flooded in the morning, and as the whole city of Sochi passed showers ....

Do they did not have such cheap tickets, do not talk nonsense! Do not even compare with a train and the other a / c. Promises cheap tickets have always been, and in fact - a lot dop.sborov, surcharges, humiliation, terrible flight conditions (no water on board, seats are not decomposable, and even try to ask for anything - in response to rudeness). Loukosterov in words but not in deeds ...

brand would have to change you George! But the name of the victory was not necessary to give such lohokousteru.

It would be better if they changed the brand "Victory" to "Shame". The way he treats his customers, it would be more adequate ...

Victory-winner in the "Scandal of the Year" nomination.

Yes, enough already to roll the barrel to win! Good a / c, who does not like to buy expensive tickets for the other a / c, why fly to the victory and complain? Birite Aeroflot or s7, there is always bilety.vse clearly spelled out in the rules of carriage! People do good from the point and the point b is cheaper than the train, I sat down, and two hours later you're on the spot!

"Produced" in this context is written without a soft sign. It's amazing you don't know that.

It is time to close this company or large fine, accumulated a lot of precedents, are now starting to measure the luggage will be measured tomorrow din feet (remember the athlete with his long legs), the day after tomorrow will come up with to measure anything else ... nothing human, just business, sad



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