Beijing Lifts Anti-Covid Restrictions as Protesters Rise to 400

Chinese authorities have begun to lift anti-COVID restrictions after the number of protesters increased to 400 thousand people.

The Chinese authorities have decided to seriously ease anti-COVID restrictions on citizens after the situation in the country is almost completely out of control. At the moment, protests are observed in at least 15 cities in China, while about 400 thousand people take part in them. This creates a problem for suppressing protests even with the involvement of the army, which, by the way, has already been observed in Wuhan and Guangzhou.

At the moment, it is known that it is customary to soften the strict anti-COVID restrictions in order to at least reduce tension and prevent an increase in the number of protesters who, in addition to demanding easing of anti-COVID measures, began to speak with anti-government slogans.

It should be noted that the main anti-government demonstrations in China began after a fire started in a quarantined building. This led to massive loss of life, which was initially denied by the authorities. However, after the appearance of video frames on which you can see the doors welded in a residential building, this was confirmed.


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