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"The Pentagon was furious": a video was published of how Russian Su-27s dealt with an American military aircraft

The Russian Su-27 famously dealt with the American intruder aircraft and amazed millions of Internet users.

The actions of the pilot of the Russian Su-27 fighter caused a real rage in the Pentagon after not only in a few minutes he was able to rise from the airbase, but also arranging a pursuit of an American military reconnaissance aircraft that tried to violate the border of the Russian Federation, in every possible way prevented the collection of various kind of intelligence information. The professionalism of the Russian pilot made millions of Internet users admire what they saw, according to the Sohu edition.

“The Pentagon was furious to see Russian pilots using such means to expel. Japanese experts, in turn, believe that Russian pilots are clearly humiliating American intelligence officers. Russia has risen decisively in order to carry out displacement, and this is a normal means of counteraction ", - reports the information publication "Sohu".

In the video footage presented, you can see that thanks to the actions of the pilot of the Su-27 fighter, the American military reconnaissance aircraft still managed to drive away from the Russian borders, which disrupted the US military operation, and also demonstrated Russia's readiness to react toughly to the provocations created by NATO.

And do not say, the video is about nothing at all. Who is there over what rejoices x. h.

did not catch the bmw Lanos?

There are two planes in the air and everyone who drives away whom is only the author's fantasy.

And what exactly did the SU-27 do such a "wow"? Is it just sitting on the tail, or did I not see something?

Stop fooling people! Yes, they are furious, and therefore around the NATO troops, it's like a man who caught a bear, but can't drag him, because he won't let go ..... Pilots at the gas station, of course, show themselves no steering wheel

And what was I supposed to see? I saw only the flight of the plane. All.

And why the intruder?

And how he drove away. I didn't understand ..

And what kind of reprisals are we talking about ?! We love loud phrases that do not correspond to reality ?!