Pentagon: Kyiv received ammunition for HIMARS, which reach the Crimea

Ammunition supplied to Kyiv for the HIMARS MLRS reaches the Crimea.

Deputy assistant to the head of the Pentagon, Laura Cooper, during a briefing for journalists, said that Kyiv had already received American ammunition capable of hitting targets in Crimea. What kind of ammunition in question was not specified, however, the actions of the United States cause serious concern.

This, as it turned out, is not about ATACMS class missiles - these are GMLRS guided missiles of an unspecified type, however, we are not talking about the M30 and M31 ammunition already in use. This allows us to assert that the United States secretly transferred ER-GMLRS missiles with a range of up to 150 kilometers to Ukraine. However, the number of the latter is small, since such ammunition began to be produced only in the spring of this year and, in all likelihood, is still being tested, probably under the direct control of the Pentagon.

It has already been repeatedly reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine use some kind of long-range ammunition for the M142 Himars, with a range exceeding the capabilities of the M30 and M31 ammunition, however, to date, this is the first confirmation from the United States that such weapons are actually located in Ukraine.


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