The Pentagon announced the sending of a new batch of M777 howitzers to Ukraine "because of their effectiveness"

The Pentagon is preparing to supply another batch of M777 howitzers to Ukraine.

After the Ukrainian Armed Forces have been striking for a week with the use of American M777 howitzers, the United States announced its readiness to send even more of these weapons to Ukraine, which is due to the alleged effectiveness of these howitzers. According to preliminary data, we are talking about deliveries to Ukraine of another 50 guns of this type and almost 100 thousand ammunition for them.

At the moment, it is known that the Armed Forces of Ukraine could lose several American howitzers as a result of a strike at their deployment site. However, due to the range of these weapons, the Ukrainian military is deploying artillery areas outside the operation of the artillery of the sides of the NMD. In this regard, strikes can be delivered either from the air or by means of rocket artillery.

According to the data presented, US military advisers considered these weapons to be the cheapest and most effective, and therefore large quantities of weapons are likely to be supplied - according to a number of sources, the United States is ready to provide Ukraine with even more of these weapons in the future. Moreover, there is information that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are also planning to transfer a batch of corrective ammunition, although until now it was believed that the M777 howitzers were unable to fire such ammunition.