The Pentagon refused to send additional Himars MLRS to Ukraine

MLRS Himars will no longer be supplied to Ukraine.

Information on this subject was confirmed by Deputy Minister of Defense Colin Kahl. According to Kahl, at the moment, the supply of Himars MLRS to Ukraine has been stopped, since the Ukrainian military has a sufficient amount of these weapons.

US Deputy Secretary of Defense Colin Kahl noted that at the moment the Armed Forces of Ukraine have received at their disposal 16 Himars MLRS launchers, as well as three M270 MLRS launchers, while three more launchers will be transferred to Ukraine by the German side.

“Ukrainians are doing well with the number of systems and the priority now is actually to ensure sustainable supply”, said Colin Kahl.

The deputy head of the Pentagon did not comment on whether the refusal to supply Himars systems to Ukraine is a temporary phenomenon, or whether deliveries are not planned in the near future due to the lack of such weapons from the United States. However, experts draw attention to the fact that Kal did not confirm the previously announced information that three more M270 MLRS MLRS installations would be transferred by the Norwegian side.

A few hours ago, in Romania, about 85 kilometers from the border with Ukraine, a huge column MLRS Himars, which included at least 10 launchers.