The Pentagon complained about the practice of Russian strikes on US military bases in Syria

The United States complained about the provocations of Russian aviation near US bases in Syria.

After the incident with the appearance of American B-52 strategic bombers near the Russian borders and the crash of the American reconnaissance and strike drone MQ-9 Reaper in the Black Sea, the United States announced that Russian fighters began to appear frequently in eastern and northeastern Syria. The latter, allegedly, ignore the de-escalation mechanism and fly right through the closed airspace over the Al-Tanf zone, where the largest American military base is located on the territory of the Arab Republic.

According to the commander of the Air Force of the US Central Command, Alexus Grinkevich, in March, aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces violated the airspace over the al-Tanf military unit occupied by the Americans at least 25 times in March. In January of this year, the military recorded only fourteen cases, and in February there were none at all.

Notable is the fact that the United States, for unknown reasons, accuses Russia of escalation and provocation. However, they do not explain the reasons why American drones fly near Russian borders, knowing full well that this does not bring any improvement in relations with Moscow.


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