Pentagon: successful restoration of UAF control over territories is impossible

The Pentagon does not believe that Ukraine will be able to successfully return the territories.

During a press conference on May 25, the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, expressed the opinion that the Ukrainian strategy of regaining all lost territories is unlikely to be implemented militarily in the near future.

General Milli stressed that the main strategic goal of Ukraine is to liberate all the territories currently included by Russia in the country. He noted that several hundred thousand Russian military personnel are deployed in these regions.

Nevertheless, despite the strengthening of the Ukrainian armed forces, General Milli expressed the opinion that the restoration of full control over these territories militarily in the short term looks unlikely.

“It may be feasible militarily, but probably not in the short term”summed up the general.

General Milli's statement highlights the complex geopolitical environment in the region and highlights the significant challenges Ukraine faces in its quest to regain control of the former territory.


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